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mention the useful bin/activate command #759

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I hesitate to recommend "activate" because I've found that people run it once, and forget to run it during the next session, and they get very confused when things behave differently. So I've taken to just neglecting to mention it, and telling them to run the virtualenv bin/python directly, which has seemed to work out better ultimately because they understand how it works.


One reason I added this is because I saw it in one of the Pyramid tutorials, so I added it there to avoid duplication.

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@tshepang tshepang Reduce duplicated installation instructions from the tutorials
* This also removes the mention of running 'source bin/activate' (see #759).
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I'm going to close this for now, it's appreciated, though.

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@@ -308,6 +308,13 @@ following:
You should perform any following commands that mention a "bin"
directory from within the ``env`` virtualenv dir.
+If you use bash, consider using ``source bin/activate`` to make your
+shell environment wired to use the virtualenv.
+This means, for example, instead of running ``bin/python`` to run the
+interpreter in this isolated environment, you will run ``python``.
+This will only work as long as you remain in the same bash session.
Installing :app:`Pyramid` Into the Virtual Python Environment
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