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tag: 1.4

Merge pull request #738 from ppaez/pep8_scaffolds

Improve pep8 compliance of scaffolds
latest commit 551ac9d574
@mcdonc mcdonc authored
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scaffolds make scaffolds pep8 compliant
scripts Merge branch 'master' into sontek-fix_commands
tests _depth argument to view_config is now relative to view_config comment Fix security bug caused by __iter__ checking on strings under Python 3 remove dead code Fix indentation add pyramid.decorator.reify as an API. Closes #682 use multiline imports - Move ``TopologicalSorter`` from ``pyramid.config.util`` to ``pyrami… use multiline imports Merge branch 'master' into feature.instance-properties Filenames like app:foo-bar.mako should be valid. coverage link to the interface move stuff from config.util to registry so it can be a set of API (wh… - In the past if a renderer returned ``None``, the body of the resulting - Small microspeed enhancement which anticipates that a anger release commit - A failure when trying to locate the attribute ``__text__`` on route… - 1.4a ``pyramid.scripting.prepare`` behaved differently than 1.3 series updated docs - The ``pyramid.settings.get_settings()`` API was removed. It had been - The Configurator ``testing_securitypolicy`` method now returns the … - In uncommon cases, the ``pyramid_excview_tween_factory`` might have rendering Replacement markers of url dispatcher can contain regex with colons. _depth argument to view_config is now relative to view_config
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