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Update logging.rst

The point 5 from this tutorial mention that we should see a debug message. This appears before any needed changes in `development.ini`, thus this patch intend to change the order and add an extra point to put forward changes in the ini file.
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@areski areski authored mmerickel committed
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_static - adding back .png file because PDF cannot include and build SVG file…
api expose public config phases in pyramid.config
narr fix out of date match_param docs
quick_tour DOC: Comment re: XSS, PEP8 imports, typo
quick_tutorial Update logging.rst
tutorials fixed documentation; wrong line in docs
.gitignore added sphinx theme as submodule, added rtd hack to update theme
Makefile add epub to docs and specify a env-specific build dir for docs
authorintro.rst Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into docs.gettingstarted
changes.rst add upgrading chapter, make docs render again Replace git submodule crap with new pylons-sphinx-themes package good…
conventions.rst mention a coding convention Fix convert_images.
copyright.rst "Web Application Development Framework" -> "Web Framework". Yay. 600 page max
designdefense.rst - Garden PR #1121
foreword.rst Added the `:orphan:` file-wide metadata field
glossary.rst move the IResponseFactory into the public api
index.rst add a whats new for 1.6
latexindex.rst remove bfg conversion chapter
make_book give virtualenv directory a more generic name, "venv"
make_epub give virtualenv directory a more generic name, "venv"
make_pdf give virtualenv directory a more generic name, "venv"
python-3.png add python 3 logo
quick_tour.rst Correct missing word.
remake fix up sphinx config:
whatsnew-1.0.rst - Garden PR #1121
whatsnew-1.1.rst - Garden PR #1121
whatsnew-1.2.rst remove extra word
whatsnew-1.3.rst fix some cross-references
whatsnew-1.4.rst fix some cross-references
whatsnew-1.5.rst Improving `X-Vhm-Root` paragraphs.
whatsnew-1.6.rst typo
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