Latest commit ba71cf3 Jul 16, 2016 @mmerickel mmerickel fix the wiki2 tutorial to set the password as unicode
Something really weird is happening but this fixes it. SQLAlchemy is
returning the "password_hash" from queries as the type that it was
inserted as. Not consistently unicode or bytes. If I insert bytes, then
I get bytes back out. If I insert unicode then I get unicode back out.
It's unclear why, as the type is Text, the data we're storing is
unambiguously US-ASCII and the connection is using a consistent
text_factory for unicode conversions of "str" on Python 3.

Here, we ensure that we always insert the value as unicode which appears
to fix downstream issues like those mentioned in #2605. I was able to
reproduce that bug and confirm this fixes it if the original database is
initialized using this fix.

Obsoletes #2623.


tutorial README

Getting Started

- cd <directory containing this file>

- $VENV/bin/pip install -e .

- $VENV/bin/initialize_tutorial_db development.ini

- $VENV/bin/pserve development.ini