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Bof ideas

mcdonc edited this page · 16 revisions
  • How do we scale? (distribute the maintenance burden)

  • Can we give the IP of our code to ?

  • Governance model ("PR Secretary", "Community Organizer", "Release Manager", etc)

  • Would be nice to have like the community outreach person sort of troll for upcoming conferences and try to get folks to give pyramid talks there.

  • "Pyramid/Pylons-powered sites" site.

  • How do we collaborate better with pyladies? They have offered to help us organize a conf in LA soon.

  • Communication Channels, Pylonsproject blog / twitter. Who will update it?

  • BSD/MIT licensing for all projects.

  • PyCon booth

  • "Pylons Project" .. folks have opinions about this vs. Pyramid

  • How do we collaborate with Zope / Plone folks better?

  • How do we collaborate with Django / Flask people better?

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