Google summer of code 2013

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GSoC Ideas


A community web site for Pyramid, comprised of 3 sections:

  • NotAliens.People - A place for Pyramid developers to manage their profile and mark if they are looking for work
  • NotAliens.Sites - A place for developers to post up information about Pyramid power websites they have released
  • NotAliens.Jobs - A place for employers to post up jobs for Pyramid developers

Better Debug tools

  • Add better extension support for debugtoolbar
  • web-enabled interactive debugger ala pdb as toolbar extension
  • Overall cleanup of debugger toolbar (Make it so doesn't embed itself into the site HTML)

SQLAlchemy -> Colander

  • Create a way to generate colander schemas from SQLAlchemy models
  • Build an admin like interface similar to Django Admin based off of colander + sqlalchemy

Merge deform_bootstrap and deform


Substance D


  • HTML5 support