Pre RuPy Conference Python Sprint in Budapest, Hungary, October 2013

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Sprint Topics

Feel free to add your own topics! If you plan on helping with an existing topic, please add yourself below.

Fix bugs / provide enhancements in Pyramid/Pylons libraries

  • Chris McDonough (mcdonc)

The following packages require bug triage. Many of them have issues that are marked as "sprintable", which means it should be possible for a normal human being to verify that the issue is a bug and possibly provide a pull request to fix the issue. Unfortunately in GitHub, pull requests cannot be marked with labels, so there are also items not marked as "sprintable" but which are technically sprintable, because code has already been provided; these just need someone to verify that the pull requests do what they say they do, fix an actual problem, and have associated hair such as a changelog entry and a CONTRIBUTORS.txt addition.

See for general Pylons Project coding standards and idioms.

pyramid (

substanced (

webob (

pyramid_debugtoolbar (

colander (

deform (

pyramid_deform (

waitress (

pyramid_jinja2 (

webtest (

pyramid_ldap (

venusian (

translationstring (

pyramid_handlers (

supervisor (

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