Sprint Ideas

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Sprint Ideas

"All Hands" Tasks (good for beginners)

  • Create a site which showcases existing Pyramid/Pylons-powered websites.
  • Change licenses for all Pylons projects to 2-clause BSD or MIT equivalent (from RPL)
  • edit and reorganize cookbook at https://github.com/Pylons/pyramid_cookbook
  • Debug toolbar screencast
  • Pyramid tutorial screencast
  • Do a tutorial walk-thru and identify hard to follow parts and suggest fixes
  • PDB Tutorial
  • Add better docs about how Python packages relate to Python modules.
  • SEO optimization for Pyramid docs
  • content population for http://pyramid.opencomparison.org/
  • Tutorial or cookbook recipe for how to work with Pyramid in PyCharm
  • Create docs for people coming from web framework X and presenting them which tools are closer to what they already know.

Focused tasks (require specific knowledge or context)

  • General bugfixing of all Pylons Project packages: https://github.com/organizations/Pylons/dashboard/issues/repos?direction=desc&sort=created&state=open
  • X-platform (Win/UNIX/py2/py3/pypy) session storage
  • Make it easier to debug i18n problems
  • Fix tox to cope with the ability to test distributions that have namespace package dependencies (e..g. "transaction").
  • allow better extension support for debugtoolbar
  • web-enabled interactive debugger ala pdb as toolbar extension (pie in sky)
  • pretty up debugger toolbar
  • add warning messages to old versions of documentation and link to latest release
  • factor mako and chameleon templating bindings into external packages (Carlos and Reed did some of this at PyCon 2012).
  • generate colander/deform schemas from sqlalchemy models (admin interface) https://github.com/Themanwithoutaplan/pyramid_debugtoolbar/wiki/Generate-colander-deform-schemas-from-sqlalchemy-models-(admin-interface)
  • refactor beaker to remove the crappy container implementation and use dogpile instead. Implement dogpile extensions for back-end specific locking to replace the horrible back-end container stuff.
  • work on Substance D application server (https://github.com/Pylons/substanced)
  • Come up with formalized (think "math-formalized", not "IEEE-formalized") description of how Pyramid view lookup works so we can figure out how to speed it up
  • Figure out how to speed up route matching
  • Tools for configuring and managing pyramid apps w/ zookeeper
  • Allow debug toolbar to work with REST-only servers that never serve HTML pages
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