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Form libraries discussion.

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+Pyramid does not include a form library because there are several good ones on
+PyPI, but none that is obviously better than the others.
+Deform_ is a form library written for Pyramid, and maintained by the Pylons
+Project. It has a `demo <>`_.
+You can use WebHelpers and FormEncode in Pyramid just like in Pylons. Use
+pyramid_simpleform_ to organize your view code. (This replaces Pylons'
+@validate decorator, which has no equivalent in Pyramid.) FormEncode's
+documentation is a bit obtuse and sparse, but it's so widely flexible that you
+can do things in FormEncode that you can't in other libraries, and you can also
+use it for non-HTML validation; e.g., to validate the settings in the INI file.
+Some Pyramid users have had luck with WTForms, Formish, ToscaWidgets, etc.
+There are also form packages tied to database records, most notably
+FormAlchemy. These will publish a form to add/modify/delete records of a
+certain ORM class.
.. toctree::
+.. include:: ../links.rst
3  links.rst
@@ -31,3 +31,6 @@
.. _SQLAlchemy manual:
.. _pyramid_handlers:
.. _pyramid_routehelper:
+.. _Deform:
+.. _pyramid_simpleform:
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