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Final validation updates, and add comments about Debug configuration.

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@@ -94,8 +94,8 @@ Remember also when using the PyDev console, to choose the interpreter
associated with the project so that references in the console will
be properly resolved.
-Running Pyramid under Pydev
+Running/Debugging Pyramid under Pydev
(Thanks to Michael Wilson for much of this - see `Setting up Eclipse
(PyDev) for Pyramid
@@ -149,18 +149,28 @@ Add these values to the *Arguments* tab::
Do not add ``--reload`` if you are trying to debug with
Eclipse. It has been reported that this causes problems.
+ We recommend you create a separate debug configuration
+ without the ``--reload``, and instead of checking "Run"
+ in the "Display in favorites menu", check "Debug".
On the *Common* tab::
Uncheck "Launch in background"
- In the box labeled "Display in favorites menu", click "Run"
+ In the box labeled "Display in favorites menu", check "Run"
-Hit *Run* to run your configuration immediately, or *Apply* to create the
-configuration without running it.
+Hit *Run* (*Debug*) to run (debug) your configuration immediately,
+or *Apply* to create the configuration without running it.
-You can now run your configuration at any time by selecting the *Run/Play ->
-RunPyramid* button.
+You can now run your application at any time by selecting the *Run/Play*
+button and selecting the *RunPyramid* command. Similarly, you can
+debug your application by selecting the *Debug* button and selecting
+the *DebugPyramid* command (or whatever you called it!).
The console should show that the server has started. To verify, open
your browser to You should see the hello world text.
+Note that when debugging, breakpoints can be set as with ordinary code,
+but they will only be hit when the view containing the breakpoint
+is served.

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