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I think it may be a useful feature to show the debugtoolbar only if an exception occurs and not by default.
If you are using iframes or right aligned html blocks the toollbar interferes with the page and may overlay some part.

An additional configuration option to hide the toolbar button/overlay by default would be much help.
Maybe extend "debugtoolbar.enabled" or "debugtoolbar.intercept_exc" with another option? I'm not sure about the best way to do this.


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+1 for adding an option to show the toolbar only during an exception. But default to showing it all the time, both to show new users that it's there, and also because it's useful to look up settings and versions, and you shouldn't have to fake an exception for that. I sometimes wish i could get the Python prompt without an exception.

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For sure showing the toolbar only on exception is not a good default option because you loose inspection on each request and it's one of the toolbar goal. However having a smaller icon to open it and/or switch the way it opens and display information could also help. It's in my todo while updating the website and scaffolds.

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FWIW, I always shut the damn thing off because it makes view source hard. Having it have an option to just catch exceptions and show you the evalexception stuff would be really good.

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yes, having the option would be very good but not as the default


FWIW I often send requests from my terminal so I end up always disabling the debugtoolbar, and then I need to change the config when I want the toolbar. Finer-grained control would be good, but I think #88 is a better way than this proposal.

@adroullier adroullier pushed a commit to adroullier/pyramid_debugtoolbar that referenced this issue Aug 16, 2013
adroullier see github issue #54. Introducing a new configuration option : debugt…
…oolbar.show_on_exc_only = true/false. If true the debug toolbar will only be rendered if an exception occurs; if the request does not raise a exception no additional html code will be added to the response.
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Since the PR referenced in this issue has been merged, and with the release of v2 where the DBT opens in a separate browser window, I think this issue is no longer relevant. If anyone disagrees, please reopen this issue.

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