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Add option to hide by default #75

rbu opened this Issue August 23, 2012 · 4 comments

5 participants

Robert Buchholz goodwillcoding Michael Merickel Blaise Laflamme Martin Häcker
Robert Buchholz
rbu commented August 23, 2012

The toolbar should have an option to start in hidden mode by default. Currently, it stores the shown/hidden mode in a 'hide' cookie value, but defaults to showing when the cookie is not present. This is rather annoying when you have to remove your cookies often (such as in acceptance tests or multi-browser/multi-profile setups).


I guess it could be a setting in .ini (i.e debugtoolbar.start_hidden). We are happy to take a pull request.

Michael Merickel

Sounds like this actually is minimized, not hidden.

Blaise Laflamme

The toolbar is minimized but not hidden, if you need it hidden then remove it from the includes ?

Martin Häcker

@blaflamme: I think hidden is debugtoolbar parlance for 'minimized'.

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