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Chris, Marco thinks the whole branch needs integrating.


marcofalcioni commented on 71ec1e5 Mar 22, 2012

Hi Charlie, how do I get a hold of you?

@marcofalcioni marcofalcioni Using os.path for path manipulation in both tests and code.
This ensures that tests can run on Windows as well as Unix.

@mmerickel mmerickel commented on the diff Jun 24, 2013

+ def _makeOne(self):
+ from pyramid_debugtoolbar.panels.sqla import _after_cursor_execute
+ _after_cursor_execute(DummyConnection(), None, None, None, None, None)
+ def test_no_max_queries(self):
+ self._makeOne()
+ self.assertEqual(self.request.registry.settings.get(
+ 'debugtoolbar.sqla_max_queries'), None)
+ self.assertEqual(self.request.pdtb_sqla_queries.maxlen, None)
+ def test_max_queries(self):
+ self.request.registry.settings['debugtoolbar.sqla_max_queries'] = '10'
+ self.assertEqual(self.request.registry.settings.get(
+ 'debugtoolbar.sqla_max_queries'), '10')
+ self._makeOne()
+ self.assertEqual(self.request.pdtb_sqla_queries.maxlen, 10)

mmerickel Jun 24, 2013


This should fail on Python 2.6. The maxlen property on a deque was not introduced until 2.7 (same with line 50 above). Maybe just perform a bunch of queries and ensure the length is still only 10.


brodul commented Aug 17, 2013

I looked at that pull request. The test fails if I checkout into the pull requests branch.
Will try to make it merge to the master.


mmerickel commented Dec 23, 2014

It's been a year and a lot has changed unfortunately. If anyone would like to bring this back up to date with master then please submit a new PR. I think the changes proposed here are still valid.

mmerickel closed this Dec 23, 2014

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