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pyramid_debugtoolbar provides a debug toolbar useful while you're developing your Pyramid application.

This code requires Pyramid 1.2a1 or better.

Note that pyramid_debugtoolbar is a blatant rip-off of Michael van Tellingen's flask-debugtoolbar (which itself was derived from Rob Hudson's django-debugtoolbar). It also includes a lightly sanded down version of the Werkzeug debugger code by Armin Ronacher and team.


For a demonstration:

  • Create a virtualenv:

    $ virtualenv2.6 --no-site-packages env26
  • Clone the Pyramid trunk:

    $ git clone
  • Install the Pyramid trunk into the virtualenv:

    $ cd pyramid
    $ $VENV/bin/python develop
  • Clone the pyramid_debugtoolbar trunk:

    $ git clone
  • Install the pyramid_debugtoolbar trunk into the virtualenv:

    $ cd pyramid_debugtoolbar
    $ $VENV/bin/python develop
  • Install the pyramid_debugtoolbar/demo package into the virtualenv:

    $ cd demo
    $ $VENV/bin/python develop
  • Run the pyramid_debugtoolbar package's demo/ file using the virtualenv's Python:

    $ $VENV/bin/python

You will see a page full of test options to try when you visit http://localhost:8080.

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