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import inspect
import re
from pyramid.exceptions import ConfigurationError
action_re = re.compile(r'''({action}|:action)''')
def add_handler(self, route_name, pattern, handler, action=None, **kw):
""" Add a Pylons-style view handler. This function adds a
route and some number of views based on a handler object
(usually a class).
This function should never be called directly; instead the
``pyramid_handlers.includeme`` function should be used to include this
function into an application; the function will thereafter be available
as a method of the resulting configurator.
``route_name`` is the name of the route (to be used later in
URL generation).
``pattern`` is the matching pattern, e.g. ``'/blog/{action}'``.
``handler`` is a dotted name of (or direct reference to) a
Python handler class,
e.g. ``'my.package.handlers.MyHandler'``.
If ``{action}`` or ``:action`` is in
the pattern, the exposed methods of the handler will be used
as views.
If ``action`` is passed, it will be considered the method name
of the handler to use as a view.
Passing both ``action`` and having an ``{action}`` in the
route pattern is disallowed.
Any extra keyword arguments are passed along to ``add_route``.
See :ref:`views_chapter` for more explanatory documentation."""
if pattern is None:
raise ConfigurationError('As of version 0.3 pattern cannot be None')
default_view_args = {
'permission': kw.pop('view_permission', kw.pop('permission', None))
self.add_route(route_name, pattern, **kw)
handler = self.maybe_dotted(handler)
action_decorator = getattr(handler, '__action_decorator__', None)
if action_decorator is not None:
if hasattr(action_decorator, 'im_self'):
# instance methods have an im_self == None
# classmethods have an im_self == cls
# staticmethods have no im_self
# instances have no im_self
if action_decorator.im_self is not handler:
raise ConfigurationError(
'The "__action_decorator__" attribute of a handler '
'must not be an instance method (must be a '
'staticmethod, classmethod, function, or an instance '
'which is a callable')
action_pattern =
if action and action_pattern:
raise ConfigurationError(
'action= (%r) disallowed when an action is in the route '
'path %r' % (action, pattern))
if action_pattern:
scan_handler(self, handler, route_name, action_decorator,
def scan_handler(config, handler, route_name, action_decorator,
"""Scan a handler for automatically exposed views to register"""
xformer = config.registry.settings.get(
xformer = config.maybe_dotted(xformer)
autoexpose = getattr(handler, '__autoexpose__', r'[A-Za-z]+')
if autoexpose:
autoexpose = re.compile(autoexpose).match
except (re.error, TypeError), why:
raise ConfigurationError(why[0])
for method_name, method in inspect.getmembers(handler, inspect.ismethod):
configs = getattr(method, '__exposed__', [])
if autoexpose and not configs:
if autoexpose(method_name):
configs = [{}]
for expose_config in configs:
# we don't want to mutate any dict in __exposed__,
# so we copy each
view_args = default_view_args.copy()
action = view_args.pop('name', None)
if action is None:
action = method_name
if xformer is not None:
action = xformer(action)
preds = list(view_args.pop('custom_predicates', []))
view_args['custom_predicates'] = preds
config.add_view(view=handler, attr=method_name,
decorator=action_decorator, **view_args)
def locate_view_by_name(config, handler, route_name, action_decorator, name,
"""Locate and add all the views in a handler with the matching name, or
the method itself if it exists."""
method_name = name
if method_name is None:
method_name = '__call__'
# Scan the controller for any other methods with this action name
for attr, method in inspect.getmembers(handler, inspect.ismethod):
configs = getattr(method, '__exposed__', [{}])
for expose_config in configs:
# Don't re-register the same view if this method name is
# the action name
if attr == name:
# We only reg a view if the name matches the action
if expose_config.get('name') != method_name:
# we don't want to mutate any dict in __exposed__,
# so we copy each
view_args = default_view_args.copy()
del view_args['name']
config.add_view(view=handler, attr=attr,
decorator=action_decorator, **view_args)
# Now register the method itself
method = getattr(handler, method_name, None)
if method:
configs = getattr(method, '__exposed__', [])
view_regged = False
for expose_config in configs:
if 'name' in expose_config and expose_config['name'] != name:
view_regged = True
view_args = default_view_args.copy()
config.add_view(view=handler, attr=name, route_name=route_name,
decorator=action_decorator, **view_args)
if not view_regged:
config.add_view(view=handler, attr=name, route_name=route_name,
decorator=action_decorator, **default_view_args)
class ActionPredicate(object):
action_name = 'action'
def __init__(self, action):
self.action = action
self.action_re = re.compile(action + '$')
except (re.error, TypeError), why:
raise ConfigurationError(why[0])
def __call__(self, context, request):
matchdict = request.matchdict
if matchdict is None:
return False
action = matchdict.get(self.action_name)
if action is None:
return False
return bool(self.action_re.match(action))
def __hash__(self):
# allow this predicate's phash to be compared as equal to
# others that share the same action name
return hash(self.action)
class action(object):
"""Decorate a method for registration by
Keyword arguments are identical to :class:`~pyramid.view.view_config`, with
the exception to how the ``name`` argument is used.
Designate an alternate action name, rather than the default behavior
of registering a view with the action name being set to the methods
def __init__(self, **kw): = kw
def __call__(self, wrapped):
if hasattr(wrapped, '__exposed__'):
wrapped.__exposed__ = []
return wrapped
def includeme(config):
config.add_directive('add_handler', add_handler)
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