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from zope.interface import implements
from zope.interface import Interface
from jinja2.loaders import FileSystemLoader
from jinja2.utils import import_string
from jinja2 import Environment
from pyramid.interfaces import ITemplateRenderer
from pyramid.exceptions import ConfigurationError
from pyramid.resource import abspath_from_resource_spec
class IJinja2Environment(Interface):
def asbool(obj):
if isinstance(obj, (str, unicode)):
obj = obj.strip().lower()
if obj in ['true', 'yes', 'on', 'y', 't', '1']:
return True
elif obj in ['false', 'no', 'off', 'n', 'f', '0']:
return False
raise ValueError(
"String is not true/false: %r" % obj)
return bool(obj)
def parse_filters(filters):
if isinstance(filters, basestring):
return dict([f.split('=', 1) for f in (f.strip() for f in filters.splitlines()) if f])
elif isinstance(filters, list) or isinstance(filters, tuple):
return dict(filters)
elif isinstance(filters, dict):
return filters
raise ValueError("jinja2.filters is not formated string or list or dict.")
def renderer_factory(info):
registry = info.registry
settings = info.settings
environment = registry.queryUtility(IJinja2Environment)
if environment is None:
reload_templates = settings.get('reload_templates', False)
directories = settings.get('jinja2.directories')
input_encoding = settings.get('jinja2.input_encoding', 'utf-8')
autoescape = settings.get('jinja2.autoescape', True)
extensions = settings.get('jinja2.extensions', '')
filters = settings.get('jinja2.filters', '')
if directories is None:
raise ConfigurationError(
'Jinja2 template used without a ``jinja2.directories`` setting')
directories = directories.splitlines()
directories = [ abspath_from_resource_spec(d) for d in directories ]
loader = FileSystemLoader(directories,
autoescape = asbool(autoescape)
extensions = [e for e in (e.strip() for e in extensions.splitlines()) if e]
filters = parse_filters(filters)
environment = Environment(loader=loader, auto_reload=reload_templates,
for name, filter in filters.iteritems():
environment.filters[name] = import_string(filter) if isinstance(filter, basestring) else filter
registry.registerUtility(environment, IJinja2Environment)
return Jinja2TemplateRenderer(info, environment)
class Jinja2TemplateRenderer(object):
template = None
def __init__(self, info, environment): = info
self.environment = environment
def implementation(self):
return self.template
def template(self):
return self.environment.get_template(
def __call__(self, value, system):
except (TypeError, ValueError):
raise ValueError('renderer was passed non-dictionary as value')
result = self.template.render(system)
return result
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