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1.6 (unreleased)
- Add `jinja2.newstyle` setting to enable newstyle gettext calls
1.5 (2012-11-24)
- Add `pyramid.reload_templates` to set `jinja2.auto_reload` instead of
using `reload_templates`. Deprecate the latter.
[Domen Kožar]
- Clear bytecode cache on atexit
[Domen Kožar]
- Add support for more Jinja2 options. Note support for jinja2.autoescape is
limited to boolean only.
* jinja2.block_start_string
* jinja2.block_end_string
* jinja2.variable_start_string
* jinja2.variable_end_string
* jinja2.comment_start_string
* jinja2.comment_end_string
* jinja2.line_statement_prefix
* jinja2.line_comment_prefix
* jinja2.trim_blocks
* jinja2.newline_sequence
* jinja2.optimized
* jinja2.cache_size
* jinja2.autoescape
[Michael Ryabushkin]
1.4.2 (2012-10-17)
- Add `jinja2.undefined` setting to change handling of undefined types.
[Robert Buchholz]
- Remove redundant decoding error handling
[Domen Kožar]
- Configure bytecode caching by default. Introduce `jinja2.bytecode_caching`
and `jinja2.bytecode_caching_directory` settings.
[Domen Kožar]
- Allow to add custom Jinja2 tests in `jinja2.tests` setting.
[Sebastian Kalinowski]
1.4.1 (2012-09-12)
- Fix brown-bag release
[Domen Kožar]
1.4 (2012-09-12)
- Correctly resolve relative search paths passed to ``add_jinja2_search_path``
and ``jinja2.directories``
[Domen Kožar]
- #34: Don't recreate ``jinja2.Environment`` for ``add_jinja2_extension``
[Domen Kožar]
- Drop Python 2.5 compatibility
[Domen Kožar]
- Addition of ``static_url`` filter.
- Add ``dev`` and ``docs`` aliases (ala Pyramid).
- Changed template loading relative to package calling the renderer so
it works like the Chameleon template loader.
1.3 (2011-12-14)
- Make scaffolding compatible with Pyramid 1.3a2+.
1.2 (2011-09-27)
- Make tests pass on Pyramid 1.2dev.
- Make compatible with Python 3.2 (requires Pyramid 1.3dev+).
1.1 (2011-07-24)
- Add ``get_jinja2_environment`` directive.
- Add all configurator directives to documentation.
1.0 (2011-05-12)
- Message domain can now be specified with *jinja2.i18n.domain* for i18n
- Paster template now sets up starter locale pot/po/mo files
- pyramid_jinja2 now depends on Jinja2 >= 2.5.0 due to
``jinja2.Environment.install_gettext_callables`` use
- Added demo app just to visualize i18n work
0.6.2 (2011-04-06)
- ``jinja2.ext.i18n`` is now added by default, see ``i18n.rst``
for details
- Added ``add_jinja2_extension`` directive to the Configurator
- Updated jinja2.extensions parsing mechanism
- Fixed docs to indicate using asset: prefix is no longer necessary
0.6.1 (2011-03-03)
- Asset-based loading now takes precedance and does not require
"asset:" prefix
- Fixed the "current" package mechanism of asset: loading so that
it more accurately finds the current package
- Dependency on ``pyramid_zcml`` removed.
0.6 (2011-02-15)
- Documentation overhauled.
- Templates can now be looked up by asset spec completely bypassing
the search path by specifying a prefix of ``asset:``.
- Updated paster template to more closely relate to changes made
to paster templmates in Pyramid core.
- Add new directive ``add_jinja2_search_path`` to the configurator
when ``includeme`` is used.
0.5 (2011-01-18)
- Add ``includeme`` function (meant to be used via ``config.include``).
- Fix documentation bug related to ``paster create`` reported at
- Depend upon Pyramid 1.0a10 + (to make ZCML work).
0.4 (2010-12-16)
Paster Template
- Changes to normalize with default templates shipping with Pyramid core:
remove calls to ``config.begin()`` and ``config.end()`` from
``__init__.main``, entry point name changed to ``main``, entry
```` function name changed to ``main``, depend on WebError, use
``paster_plugins`` argument to setup function in, depend on
Pyramid 1.0a6+ (use ``config`` rather than ``configurator``).
- Use ``testing.setUp`` and ``testing.tearDown`` rather than constructing a
Configurator (better fwd compat).
- Add ``model_url`` and ``route_url`` filter implementations (and
- Use Makefile which pulls in Pylons theme automagically.
0.3 (2010-11-26)
- Add ``jinja2.filters`` and ``jinja2.extensions`` settings (thanks to
- Document all known settings.
0.2 (2010-11-06)
- Template autoreloading did not function, even if ``reload_templates`` was
set to ``True``.
0.1 (2010-11-05)
- First release. *Not* backwards compatible with ``repoze.bfg.jinja2``: we
use a filesystem loader (the directories to load from come from the
``jinja2.directories`` setting). No attention is paid to the current
package when resolving a renderer= line.
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