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I cannot get I18n working?
I need to add gettext calls to context globals.
There is no any example on the web of doing so.
I have ended up with:


jinja2_environment = registry.queryUtility(IJinja2Environment)
        lambda x: translations.ugettext(x),
        lambda s, p, n: translations.ungettext(s, p, n),

but it doesn't work as well.

Please, provide any sample of that.

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Are you adding "jinja2.ext.i18n" to the list of jinja2 extensions via the "jinja2.extensions" setting? (you can add that using development.ini if you are using paste)

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Well in any event, I went ahead and activated the i18n support in jinja2 (for pyramid_jinja2) by default. There's now a test (pyramid_jinja2/tests/test_ext.py) that shows using i18n... also there are docs now added. I just released this as 0.6.2 so please test with 0.6.2. If you still have trouble getting it working, please open a new issue.

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  1. Create message catalogs
  2. Add the base directory of the message catalogs to Pyramid's config via http://docs.pylonsproject.org/projects/pyramid/1.0/api/config.html#pyramid.config.Configurator.add_translation_dirs

Once you do steps #1 and #2 then {% trans %}some string{% endtrans %} will work in jinja2 templates.

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