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Pyramid Layout: Composable UX for Pyramid

Making an attractive, efficient user-experience (UX) is hard. Pyramid Layout provides a layout-based approach to building your global look-and-feel then re-using it across your site. You can then manage your global UX :term:`layout` as a unit, just like models, views, static resources, and other parts of Pyramid.

If you are OCD, and want the same ways to organize and override your UX that you get in your Python code, this :term:`layout` approach is your cup of tea.


  • Make one (or more) :term:`layout` objects of template and template logic
  • Do useful things with this unit of layout: registration, dynamic association with a view, pluggability via Pyramid overrides, testing in isolation
  • Layouts can share lightweight units called :term:`panels <panel>` which are objects of template and code, sharing the same useful things
  • Use of any of the common Pyramid templating engines (Chameleon ZPT, Mako, Jinja2) is tested and supported with examples.


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