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Cannot send to queue immediately #23

rbu opened this Issue Oct 25, 2012 · 5 comments

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rbu commented Oct 25, 2012

pyramid_mailer is missing a function to send the email to a queue path immediately without use of the transactional middleware.

rbu commented Nov 14, 2012

@graffic, this sends the email to a local smtp directly. What I need is the functionality of send_to_queue but without the transactional manager.

Pylons Project member

If we knew that the transaction manager were active we could modify the api such that send_to_queue and send had an optional use_transaction parameter that had 3 states. _marker would be the default and would add it to a transaction if one were active or send immediately if not, True would raise an error if no transaction is active, and False would send immediately. We'd also probably deprecate send_immediately. currently injects a key into the environ stating that it is active environ['']. Unfortunately, pyramid_tm does not do that, but if it were updated to do so, something like this could be supported.

@mcdonc any thoughts on this?

Pylons Project member

I've added a note to the docs that this is not supported and provided a code snippet on how to make it work via an explicit commit. pyramid_mailer is heavily dependent on repoze.sendmail which comes with the explicit contract that it sends mail via transactions. The fact that the send_immediately api works is really a side-effect of the rest of repoze.sendmail.


@mmerickel I'm assuming your last comment means this issue is closed.

@rpatterson rpatterson closed this Mar 18, 2013
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