Python 2 and 3 compat, use message encoding added to repoze.sendmail #12

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rpatterson added some commits Mar 13, 2012
@rpatterson rpatterson Bump version bda995d
@rpatterson rpatterson Python 2 and 3 compat, low hanging fruit. All tests pass under 2,
still have failures under 3 but the tests run and there are fewer
@rpatterson rpatterson be explicit about where bytes are used, Python 2 and 3 compat. 2c984c4
@rpatterson rpatterson Use email.header.Header to properly handle encoding/decoding headers
with non-ascii characters.

Removes the need for the properly_encode_header function.  We also add
special handling of `ascii` or `latin_1` so that headers that can be
encoded without the ugly RFC 2047 encoding if possible.
@rpatterson rpatterson Text encoding should only be handled for messages using encoders.enco…

Also use the same logic for trying to find the best encoding that we
use for headers.
@rpatterson rpatterson Python 3 seems to append a newline where Python 2 doesn't.
I'm assuming Python 3 is correct and the lack in Python 2 is not
significant enough to break anything.
@rpatterson rpatterson Add Python 3.2 to the tox/testing setup 5f6b3e5
@rpatterson rpatterson Moved message encoding to repoze.sendmail. 49d86a2
@mcdonc mcdonc merged commit 49d86a2 into Pylons:master Mar 15, 2012
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