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anler commented Dec 10, 2011

Hi, please, forgive me if this is not the way of asking you if you are interested in merging a feature I've added to the repository.
The feature is a LoggingMailer that all it does is log the messages to the logger "pyramid_mailer".
Also I've changed the mailer_factory_from_settings() function in order to make possible decide which mailer to use from the .ini config file and not from the code, in this case I've copied a portion of pyramid_mailer.mailer.Mailer.from_settings() class method but left the original intact so tests that depends on it doesn't fail.
Last, I've opened an issue regarding the pyramid_mailer.response.MIMEPart.add_text() method because in my machine there is a failing test, so I've also done a little dirty workaround in this method to get the test pass.

anler added some commits Dec 10, 2011

[FIX] UnicodeDecodeError in response.MIMEPart.add_text()
 fix to the UnicodeDecodeError in response.MIMEPart.add_text() method
Mailer class can be set in config file
In case you want to use different mailers in each environment
(development, production), you can specify which one through:
mail.mailer = MailerClassname

@anler anler closed this May 11, 2012

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