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marcinkuzminski commented Jan 7, 2012

AFAIK rfc doesn't specify what should be the proper separator for 'From', 'To', 'Delivered-To', 'Cc', 'Bcc' fields in an email message. I noticed that many of email clients fails to handle default ';' delimiter. Proposed here is an configurable separator when creating a mail message. From what i know ';' is better for windows based clients while ',' works in general better in Mac.

marcinkuzminski added some commits Jan 7, 2012

@marcinkuzminski marcinkuzminski white-space removal b57c8d3
@marcinkuzminski marcinkuzminski Added configurable separator for Recipients
- many post clients cannot handle default ';' separator
- AFAIK rfc doesn't specify the proper separator
- PEP8 + garden
@marcinkuzminski marcinkuzminski added two simple tests for alternative recipients separator 2aac336

tseaver commented Jan 7, 2012

-1 on this feature.

Section 3.4 of RFC-2822 mandates that "," is the only allowed separator in a list of mailboxes. We should just update the code to use that instead of '; '.


marcinkuzminski commented Jan 8, 2012

Never was good at finding things in rfc..., the change to ',' is highly desired in the code than.
On the other hand i know certain MS products like outlook 2003/2007 by default doesn't handle ',' but ';' so that's why my patch makes this configurable. I think more configuration is always better.

mcdonc closed this in 3092896 Jan 10, 2012

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