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An single-file example RESTful API app showcasing the power of pyramid_openapi3

The file in this folder showcases how to use the pyramid_openapi3 Pyramid add-on for building robust RESTful APIs. With only a few lines of code you get automatic validation of requests and responses against an OpenAPI v3 schema, along with Swagger "try-it-out" documentation for your API.

How to run

* git clone
* cd pyramid_openapi3/examples/singlefile
* virtualenv -p python3.7 .
* source bin/activate
* pip install pyramid_openapi3
* python

Then use the Swagger interface at http://localhost:6543/docs/ to discover the API. Use the Try it out button to run through a few request/response scenarios.

For example:

  • Say Hello by doing a GET request to http://localhost:6543/hello?name=john.
  • Get an Exception raised if you omit the required name query parameter.
  • Get an Exception raised if the query parameter name is too short.

All of these examples are covered with tests that you can run with $ python -m unittest

Further read

  • A slightly more complex, multi-file example is available in the examples/todoapp folder.

  • A fully built-out app, with 100% test coverage, providing a API is available at niteoweb/pyramid-realworld-example-app. It is a Heroku-deployable Pyramid app that provides an API for a social app. You are encouraged to use it as a scaffold for your next project.

  • More information about the library providing the integration between OpenAPI specs and Pyramid, more advanced features and design defence, is available in the main README file.

  • More validators for fields are listed in the OpenAPI Specification document. You can use Regex as well.

  • For an idea of a fully-fledged production OpenApi specification, check out WooCart's OpenAPI docs.

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