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supporting subroute #7

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aodag commented Jun 28, 2011

directive to register nested routes.


 add_route('hamm', '/hamm')
 add_subroute('hamm', 'egg', '{var}/egg')

mapping results::

 route_path('hamm', request) => /hamm
 route_path('egg', request, var='spam') => /hamm/spam/egg
Pylons Project member
mcdonc commented Jun 29, 2011

This is a nice idea.

How about something like this as a pattern in Pyramid itself:

# in pyramid

class Configurator(object):
    def with_root_route(self, route_name):
        if not self.routes_mapper.has_route(route_name):
            raise ConfigurationError
        configurator = self.__class__(registry=self.registry,
        configurator.root_route_name = route_name
        return configurator

    def mount(self, function, route_name):
        function = self.maybe_dotted(function)
        config = self.with_root_route(route_name)

    def add_route(self, *arg, **kw):
        # .. do what add_route currently does now but taking into account
        # that there might be a root_route_name in effect on self (ie. it
        # would do what your current add_subroute does in that case) ...

# in "master" package

if __name__ == '__main__':
    config = Configurator()
    config.add_route('sub', '/sub')
    config.mount('otherpkg.subapp', 'sub')

# in "otherpkg" package:

def subapp(config):
    config.add_route('hello', '/hello')
    # would actually register as '/sub/hello' when called via "mount"
aodag commented Jun 29, 2011

It's nice to improve modulability with routes.
I wanna contribute to that feature for subapplication mounting.

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