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from __future__ import with_statement
import sys
import transaction
from pyramid.util import DottedNameResolver
from pyramid.tweens import EXCVIEW
from pyramid_tm.compat import reraise
resolver = DottedNameResolver(None)
def default_commit_veto(request, response):
When used as a commit veto, the logic in this function will cause the
transaction to be aborted if:
- An ``X-Tm`` response header with the value ``abort`` (or any value
other than ``commit``) exists.
- The response status code starts with ``4`` or ``5``.
Otherwise the transaction will be allowed to commit.
xtm = response.headers.get('x-tm')
if xtm is not None:
if xtm == 'commit':
return False
return True
status = response.status
for bad in ('4', '5'):
if status.startswith(bad):
return True
return False
class AbortResponse(Exception):
def __init__(self, response):
self.response = response
# work around broken "attempts" method of TransactionManager in transaction
# 1.2.0
def _attempts(manager, number=3):
assert number > 0
while number:
number -= 1
if number:
yield Attempt(manager)
yield manager
class Attempt(object):
def __init__(self, manager):
self.manager = manager
def _retry_or_raise(self, t, v, tb):
retry = self.manager._retryable(t, v)
if retry:
return retry # suppress the exception if necessary
reraise(t, v, tb) # otherwise reraise the exception
def __enter__(self):
return self.manager.__enter__()
def __exit__(self, t, v, tb):
if v is None:
# this is what transaction 1.2.0 doesn't do (it doesn't
# suppress retryable exceptions raised by a commit)
return self._retry_or_raise(*sys.exc_info())
return self._retry_or_raise(t, v, tb)
def tm_tween_factory(handler, registry, transaction=transaction):
# transaction parameterized for testing purposes
old_commit_veto = registry.settings.get('pyramid_tm.commit_veto', None)
commit_veto = registry.settings.get('tm.commit_veto', old_commit_veto)
attempts = int(registry.settings.get('tm.attempts', 1))
if not commit_veto:
commit_veto = None
commit_veto = resolver.maybe_resolve(commit_veto)
def tm_tween(request):
if '' in request.environ:
# don't handle txn mgmt if is in the WSGI pipeline
return handler(request)
for attempt in _attempts(transaction.manager, attempts):
with attempt as t:
# make_body_seekable will copy wsgi.input if necessary,
# otherwise it will rewind the copy to position zero
if attempts != 1:
response = handler(request)
if t.isDoomed():
raise AbortResponse(response)
if commit_veto is not None:
veto = commit_veto(request, response)
if veto:
raise AbortResponse(response)
return response
except AbortResponse:
e = sys.exc_info()[1] # py2.5-py3 compat
return e.response
return tm_tween
def includeme(config):
Set up am implicit 'tween' to do transaction management using the
``transaction`` package. The tween will be slotted between the main
Pyramid app and the Pyramid exception view handler.
For every request it handles, the tween will begin a transaction by
calling ``transaction.begin()``, and will then call the downstream
handler (usually the main Pyramid application request handler) to obtain
a response. When attempting to call the downstream handler:
- If an exception is raised by downstream handler while attempting to
obtain a response, the transaction will be rolled back
(``transaction.abort()`` will be called).
- If no exception is raised by the downstream handler, but the
transaction is doomed (``transaction.doom()`` has been called), the
transaction will be rolled back.
- If the deployment configuration specifies a ``tm.commit_veto`` setting,
and the transaction management tween receives a response from the
downstream handler, the commit veto hook will be called. If it returns
True, the transaction will be rolled back. If it returns False, the
transaction will be committed.
- If none of the above conditions are True, the transaction will be
committed (via ``transaction.commit()``).
config.add_tween('pyramid_tm.tm_tween_factory', under=EXCVIEW)
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