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Tutorial: Pyramid for Humans

Pyramid has emerged as a fast, modern, lightweight web framework for the Pylons and Zope communities. When you just need a web app, and not a full CMS, Pyramid lets you retain many of the same Plone technologies or start from scratch.

This hands-on tutorial covers a little about a lot: practical introductions to the most common facilities. Fun, fast-paced, and most certainly not aimed at experts.


The tutorial is broken into major areas, starting with constructing a dummy UI/UX. Each major area is then broken into a series of steps in which a very small number of concepts is introduced in each step. Working code is gradually built up.

As explained in the scenario, the sample application is a project management system for multiple companies with multiple projects. We chose traversal and ZODB as the primary architecture for this tutorial.


In-Progress Contents

The following sections still need re-writing after feedback at the conference:

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