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Creating a Custom UX for Pyramid

In this series of steps we build the essence of the user experience (UX) with placeholders for the logic and data.


  • Simplest possible Pyramid screen
  • Using unit tests and WebTest to speed up development
  • Templating with Chameleon and ZPT
  • Using macros and "layouts" for templating productivity
  • Static resources
  • AJAX via the JSON renderer

The Workflow

Many projects have a certain workflow, starting with a customer who usually needs to see something in order to understand and agree. Usually the "UI person" on the team iterates at this point, gets a working prototype in place, then the logic gets filled in.

This tutorial models such a workflow. In this first section, we show how a human, without deep Pyramid architectural knowledge, can make a working prototype of the various screens in Projector.


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