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Step 08: CSS and JS With Static Assets

Web applications include many static assets in the UX: CSS and JS files, images, etc. Web frameworks need to support productive development by the UX team, but also the richness and complexity required by the core developers and the deployment team.

It's a surprisingly hard problem, supporting all these needs while keeping the simple case easy.

Pyramid accomplishes this using the view machinery and static assets.


  • Show Pyramid's support for static assets


  • Add a static view to Pyramid's Configurator
  • Change the main template to includes the CSS and JS
  • Change the templates to have a nicer layout


  1. $ cd ../../creatingux; mkdir step08; cd step08
  2. Copy the following into step08/
  3. $ mkdir static
  4. Copy the following into step08/static/global_layout.css:
  5. Copy the following into step08/
  6. Copy the following into step08/
  7. Copy the following into step08/
  8. Copy the following "global template" into step08/templates/
  9. Copy the following into step08/templates/
  10. Copy the following into step08/templates/
  11. Copy the following into step08/templates/
  12. Copy the following into step08/templates/
  13. Copy the following into step08/
  14. Copy the following into step08/
  15. $ nosetests should report running 8 tests.
  16. $ python
  17. Open in your browser.


Being able to point your Pyramid app at an entire directory and publish it is a boon for quick development. We grabbed the configurator and, with one line, published a directory of assets. No need to individually publish each file and set mime-type.

Setting expires headers is a fiddly part of the development cycle.

Extra Credit

  1. Make a static file of JSON data in the static directory, then write a jQuery AJAX function that fetches it and shoves in a <ul>.
  2. Learn about ZPT's fill-slot to allow each view's template to include some custom CSS into the <head>.
  3. Will Pyramid recurse sub-directories? Can you get a directory listing of files in a static directory?


Not much to cover. We have a config method that lets us jam in a new part of the URL space, serving up static files.


  • What does add_static_view do under the hood?
  • What are some of the weird cases for deeper development (e.g. multi-site roots) and deployment (e.g. far-future expires)?
  • Pyramid's extra support for, in Python code, resolving the URL path to directories that were "mounted" in configuration
  • How this does or doesn't map to ZCML
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