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0.7 (2011-10-07)
- The ZCML includeOverrides directive did not work properly when
``pyramid_zcml`` 0.6 was used with Pyramid 1.2. Symptom: inappropriate
``ConfigurationConflictError`` errors. See the discussion at
for more information.
0.6 (2011-09-04)
- Fix to work under Pyramid 1.2a4 and better.
- Depend explicitly on zope.configuration (upcoming releases of Pyramid will
- Use our a local PyramidConfigurationMachine when collecting ZCML actions,
and splice the locally collected actions onto the configurator context's
actions when ZCML processing is done. This provides Pyramid the freedom to
not rely on zope.configuration in the future, and somewhat futureproofs
``pyramid_zcml`` from changes to action processing in Pyramid.
0.5 (2011-08-24)
- Compatible with Pyramid 1.2a1.
0.4 (2011-08-17)
- Fix a unit test failure when used with Venusian 0.9.
- Compatible with Pyramid 1.2dev+.
0.3 (2011-07-22)
- Add tox.ini for testing.
- Pyramid 1.1 test suite fixes.
0.2 (2011-02-22)
- Add ``wild_domain`` argument to authtkauthpolicy directive.
- Depend on ``pyramid>=1.0b1`` (``wild_domain`` argument to authtktauthpolicy
- Make tests pass on Pyramid 1.0; squash testing deprecation warnings.
0.1 (unknown)
- Initial release, all ZCML directives broken out of Pyramid core.
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