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pyramid_zcml is a package which provides :term:`ZCML` directives for all built-in Pyramid configurator methods.


Install using setuptools, e.g. (within a virtualenv):

$ easy_install pyramid_zcml


Once pyramid_zcml is installed, you must use the config.include mechanism to include it into your Pyramid project's configuration. In your Pyramid project's

Do this before trying to load any ZCML. After this step is taken, it will be possible to use the :func:`pyramid_zcml.load_zcml` function as a method of the configurator, ala:

Paster Template

The pyramid_starter_zcml Paster template is included with this package. You can use it via paster create -t pyramid_starter_zcml (on Pyramid 1.0, 1.1, or 1.2) or pcreate -s pyramid_starter_zcml (on Pyramid 1.3). It creates a package skeleton which configures a Pyramid appliction via ZCML. The application performs URL mapping via :term:`traversal` and no persistence mechanism.


Directives and API

Reporting Bugs / Development Versions

Visit to download development or tagged versions.

Visit to report bugs.

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