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Set the default permission to be used by all :term:`view configuration` registrations.

This directive accepts a single attribute ,``name``, which should be used as the default permission string. An example of a permission string: view. Adding a default permission makes it unnecessary to protect each view configuration with an explicit permission, unless your application policy requires some exception for a particular view.

If a default permission is not set, views represented by view configuration registrations which do not explicitly declare a permission will be executable by entirely anonymous users (any authorization policy is ignored).

There can be only one default permission active at a time within an application, thus the default_permission directive can only be used once in any particular set of ZCML.


Must be a string representing a :term:`permission`, e.g. view.



Using the default_permission argument to the :class:`pyramid.config.Configurator` constructor can be used to achieve the same purpose.

Using the :meth:`pyramid.config.Configurator.set_default_permission` method can be used to achieve the same purpose when using imperative configuration.

See Also

See also :ref:`setting_a_default_permission`.

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