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docs fix reST syntax and Sphinx warnings Jul 19, 2016
substanced translation made no sense here and messed with variable interpolation Jul 27, 2016
.gitignore update ignore Mar 19, 2016
.travis.yml Update travis.yml Mar 11, 2016
CHANGES.txt - Replace virtualenv with tox. We use tox anyway, and virtualenv is a… Mar 24, 2016
COPYRIGHT.txt add an SDI icon Jul 18, 2013
HACKING.txt explain -p option, use tox in virtualenv instead of system Mar 22, 2016
LICENSE.txt initial bit of code for foldering and cataloging Apr 1, 2012
README.rst fine tune readme Apr 17, 2015
TODO.txt garden Jul 27, 2013
pytest.ini Add pytest config to avoid scanning things like .tox, .git Mar 19, 2016
rtd.txt try to convince rtd to build docs Sep 18, 2012
setup.cfg make Babel as optional dependency as it doesn't support python 3.2 Dec 11, 2013 minor tidying up Apr 2, 2016
test_requirements.txt minor tidying up Apr 2, 2016
tox.ini Update Python matrix and let tox drive the venvs Mar 11, 2016