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- Make acl edit view not look weird at smaller resolutions.
- Allow folder contents UI ("Contents" tab) sorting by name and by type.
- Put content items into two or three columns instead of one on contents
- Create object map management UI (view relationships, view paths, view
- Improve database management UI ("Manage DB") in site package (see activity,
see cache parameters, flush cache).
- Improve catalog management UI. We currently allow someone to reindex the
entire catalog via the "Manage" tab of a catalog. Instead, we should allow
them to reindex individual persistent indices or all persistent indices.
- Allow cut, copy, paste, rename, (import/export?) from contents view.
- Add Undo tab to Site (or per folder?) which will allow admins to undo recent
transactions. Implied: add transaction notes to all transactions.
- Allow multiple property sheets on single content object.
- Stamp created objects with creator information?
- Stamp created objects with created date info?
- Forgot password / change password interactions.
- Allow services to be added to services folder via add view UIs.
- Allow reordering of resources in folder contents view when the folder is
- Figure out how to let people override generic add view.
- Create a scaffold.
- Define path index CQE syntax (currently path indexes can only be queried
using query instance syntax).
- Substance D ACLs contain object identifiers which refer to principals.
Currently, when a principal is deleted, ACLs which refer to the principal
are not adjusted. This is both a security issue and a sanity issue. The
object id of a deleted principal is put back into the set of object ids
that are grantable to future objects. As a result, some other principal
may wind up with an object id that used to belong to a deleted principal,
and he may inappropriately be granted access due to stale ACLs that
possesses that object id. Or some other object that is not a principal
might wind up with that object id, and undefined things will happen.
Here's what would be nice: when an ACL is changed or added, using the
object map, form relationships between the principal objects it names and
the ACL-bearing object. When a principal is deleted, change the ACL of all
such-related objects so that the deleted principal id in the ACL is
replaced by an unobtainable object id.
Note that a variant of this bug/feature has existed in Zope for 13 years,
and it hasn't seemed to have raised much ire, but it always bugged me.
- Decide whether to split "manage contents" permissions out for folders into
add, delete, rename.
- ACL edit view currently retatalogs an object based on the presence or
absence of an "allowed" index. This is wrong.
- Bake ACLs into the object map.
- Emit an ObjectMoving event rather than removed event with a moving flag,
then an add event?
Nice-to-Have Features
- Workflow.
- Drag and drop ACE reordering in ACL edit view.
- Ability to add and edit principals in existing ACEs in ACL edit view.
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