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Must-have pre-alpha-1
- Release deform2 (merge deform_bootstrap).
- Use hasattr(__is_folder__) instead of IFolder.providedBy in is_folder.
- Use is_folder view predicate instead of context=IFolder in folder views
(holdup is testing out folder button action overrides in the face of views
being registered against IFolder).
- Change all mentions of ``context`` to ``resource`` in docs.
- Better error handling in folder contents view when an ajax request fails.
Can wait until after alpha 1
- Ability to more efficiently dump and load blobs.
- Stamp created objects with creator information?
- Add specific configurator directives for object event registrations
(e.g. config.subscribe_modified).
- Once we depend on Pyramid 1.4b1+, normalize subscriber predicate argument
- Add a ``substanced.load_dump`` key for use by root factory.
- Work out OpenID/Twitter/whatever authentication.
- Make statds pipeline so that statistics are sent only once per request
Folder Contents
- Improve narrative documentation about column specifications (including
- Improve narrative documentation about custom buttons and associated views.
- Improve current catalog docs with more info about: catalog index creation,
content indexing, query API
- Explain the objectmap get_extents API.
Dump and Load
- Add API and narrative docs for dump/load, and dump contexts.
Can Wait Forever (Nice-to-Have)
- Drag and drop ACE reordering in ACL edit view (note: Paul has this
- Ability to add and edit principals in existing ACEs in ACL edit view.
- Add a redo button to undo flash messages.
- Show a derivative of output status in flash message when update indexes /
reindex catalog is done to a catalog.
Probably Bad Ideas
- Create "addable here" API that manages the __sdi_addable__ attribute of a
folderish object.
- Emit an ObjectMoving event rather than removed event with a moving flag,
then an add event?
- Create object map management UI (view relationships, view paths, view
- Decide whether to split "manage contents" permissions out for folders into
add, delete, rename.
- Import/export from folder contents view.
- Specialize recatalog during a rename, so only indexes that are
context-sensitive are reindexed.
- Catalog event subscriber currently does a hellishly expensive recatalog of
allowed indexes when an ACL is changed. Not sure if there's even a general
way to make this do less work, but could be.
- __viewable__, __renameable__, __deletable__, __copyable__, __duplicatable__
attributes of contained objects in folder contents view that controls
how contained object can be acted upon? E.g.::
def __viewable__(self, context, request):
return has_permission('sdi.view', context, request)
Made Irrelevant
- Fix ``Batch`` such that seqlen is a maximum. Rationale: the sequence that
the batch receives may be smaller than seqlen due to hidden objects in folder
contents view (irrelevant because folder contents view is now