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1.4 (unreleased)

  • Drop support for Python 2.6 and 3.2

1.3 (2014-11-05)

  • Fix Python 3-specific test failures.
  • Restore compatibility with Python 3.2.

1.2 (2014-11-04)

  • Add support for message contexts.
  • If the object passed to a TranslationStringFactory __call__ method is itself a translation string, use the passed object's domain instead of the domain passed to the factory's contstructor. See .

1.1 (2012-02-08)

  • Add MANIFEST to make sure all files are present in a release. This fixes ticket 8.

1.0 (2012-02-04)

  • coerce non-string values to a string during translation, except for None.
  • Honour mapping information passed to the translator, combining it with mapping data already part of the translation string.
  • Support formatting of translation strings with %-operator.

0.4 (09-22-2011)

0.3 (06-25-2010)

  • Preserve default translations even if they are an empty string. This fixes problems with Chameleon being unable to determine if a translation is present or not.

0.2 (04-25-2010)

  • Add __getstate__ and __reduce__ methods to translation string to allow for pickling.
  • Fix bug in ChameleonTranslate. When i18n:translate was used in templates, a translation string was inappropriately created with a default value of the empty string. Symptom: template text would "disappear" rather than being returned untranslated.

0.1 (04-24-2010)

  • Initial release.