Internal Server Error hides asserts #3

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mrijken commented Nov 13, 2012

I use asserts within my code for debugging purposes. When an assert fails, Waitress just reports with Internal Server Error and gives no hint for where to look. Can that be implemented?


mcdonc commented Nov 14, 2012

You can turn on expose_tracebacks feature, which sends tracebacks to the browser::

serve(wsgiapp, expose_tracebacks=True)

mcdonc closed this Nov 14, 2012

merwok commented Mar 7, 2013

Can I ask if this fix is part of a released version? I ran into it today.


mcdonc commented Mar 7, 2013

There was no fix; the feature has always been there.

merwok commented Mar 7, 2013

Brain fart, I meant to comment in another tab :| Sorry for the noise.

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