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unix socket support #8

tarekziade opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I tried to use waitress in my Chaussette project with unix sockets, but I started to do a lot of hacks to make it work.

What about adding unix socket support directly in Waitress ?

That would allow it to be used behind Nginx or Circus etc.


It's probably not very invasive. The only tricky / grotty bits are things that try to use an IP-to-name mapping like .


Your answer is unclear to me (sorry - my english limits :) )

When you say 'invasive' do you imply that you are interested in adding that option in waitress or do you mean it should be simple to make waitress work with unix sockets by adding a few custom methods on the top of it ?


I just meant "it wouldn't need to change much", so I think it's fine if you want to work up a patch.

This was referenced

woo hoo @kgaughan rocks

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