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import unittest
from webob.response import Response
class Test_warn_deprecation(unittest.TestCase):
def setUp(self):
import warnings
self.oldwarn = warnings.warn
warnings.warn = self._warn
self.warnings = []
def tearDown(self):
import warnings
warnings.warn = self.oldwarn
del self.warnings
def _callFUT(self, text, version, stacklevel):
from webob.util import warn_deprecation
return warn_deprecation(text, version, stacklevel)
def _warn(self, text, type, stacklevel=1):
def test_multidict_update_warning(self):
# test warning when duplicate keys are passed
r = Response()
('Set-Cookie', 'a=b'),
('Set-Cookie', 'x=y'),
self.assertEqual(len(self.warnings), 1)
deprecation_warning = self.warnings[0]
self.assertEqual(deprecation_warning['type'], UserWarning)
assert 'Consider using .extend()' in deprecation_warning['text']
def test_multidict_update_warning_unnecessary(self):
# no warning on normal operation
r = Response()
r.headers.update([('Set-Cookie', 'a=b')])
self.assertEqual(len(self.warnings), 0)
def test_warn_deprecation(self):
from webob import __version__ as v
from webob.util import warn_deprecation
self.assertRaises(DeprecationWarning, warn_deprecation, 'foo', v[:3], 1)
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