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- ping @bertjwregeer to verify versions, and to make note to roll in 1.7-branch on its release
1 parent 50f4b64 commit ac6ee5119facfd1efeef3dbe9aa9b11ad4bd7c63 @stevepiercy stevepiercy committed Dec 10, 2016
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@@ -24,9 +24,9 @@ listed below.
* [master]( - The branch on which further
development takes place. The default branch on GitHub.
-* [1.5-branch]( - The branch
+* [1.6-branch]( - The branch
classified as "stable" or "latest". Actively maintained.
-* [1.4-branch]( - The oldest
+* [1.5-branch]( - The oldest
actively maintained and stable branch.
Older branches are not actively maintained. In general, two stable branches and

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