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WebTest Paris Sprint @ Bearstech

Why ?

WebTest has recently join the Pylons project. Pylons' leaders complain about the poor test coverage of this package. So I (Gael Pasgrimaud), as the maintainer, decided to help by organizing a sprint hosted by my company. It's also THE occasion to add new features you need.

When ?

21/24 February 2013 .

21 to 23 will be 3 days fully dedicated to sprint. We'll try to visit some bars on Saturday night and the city itself on Sunday.

Where ?

At Bearstech's War Room ! Bearstech is a small company which provide some high quality hosting. We are based 40 passage des panoramas - 75002 Paris. Near to some of the finest places/bars and restaurants. Our office is too small to host a sprint but fortunately we have the "War Room". It can host at least 15/20 pythonistas.

What ?

The main goal is to increase tests coverage up to 100% ! But you can also work on other non related tasks if you please. That's what a sprint is for!! Please add your subject bellow:

  • Move webtest.sel to a third party package: It will be hard to test this at 100% in a remote environment (it require a selenium server) so the best way is to boot it out of the package.
  • Increase coverage to 100% (and thus confident support for Python 3)
  • support HTML5 forms
  • wsgi proxy support to be able to run some tests on a production site

Extra tasks:

Who ?

You can also add your name and join the #webtestparissprint channel on freenode if you want to help us remotely. Just add a mention about it after your email.