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Pynt makes writing code feel natural by simulating drawing on paper Intro

Pynt gives users the ability to draw Python code! Using vector based image recognition, Pynt lets users create classes, instantiate objects, and prototype code easily.

Whether you're a seasoned programmer who sucks at explaining or are totally new to code, Pynt makes coding more fun.

How to use it

After you draw a class and give it attributes, you can instantiate objects by drawing the class shape and naming it. Then, you can use the classes and write/draw normal python code to interact with them. Need to do stuff you can't draw? Write out the code in text on your tablet or take advantage of our powerful online editor and interpreter.

Use cases

  • Helps visualize code. For example, if you are trying to explain an algorithm, you can draw out what you want to say in a sort of psuedo-code rather than having to rely on traditional methods and everything you explain will become python code that you can edit as needed
  • Learning! This is a great tool to help people learn python, or any object oriented language. Kids (and humans in general) understand shapes and drawings better than code so this is extremely useful to introduce the idea of object-oriented programming.
  • Class notes. If you take notes in your CS class on a tablet, this will let you automatically convert your handwriting to text and send it to your computer. Then you can move your actual notes to a text-editor (or word) and run whatever code you wrote down.


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