Simple and lightweight command parsing library. Can be used for parsing command line arguments, or user given commands in chat like applications.
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Command Parser

Pyratron Command Parser Framework

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A powerful but simple command parsing library for use in games and other applications making use of user input commands. If you have created a game or application that has the need for command support, this library will easily let you create commands through a fluent interface, add help pages, optional parameters, grouped parameters, validation rules, permission levels, and more.

The demo application contains a short tutorial and a variety of example commands to get you started.

The library is available for .NET (C#, VB, and C++/CLI) and Java, and will run on most major platforms.


The .dll or .jar can be downloaded here, and then referenced by your project.

The .NET library can also be installed through NuGet by using the NuGet package.

PM> Install-Package Pyratron.Frameworks.Commands.Parser 

Documentation & Tutorials

Documentation and tutorials are available on the Pyratron website.

Example Application: