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##About Resweb originally started as part of the pyres project. However, I realized that for many reasons, both it and pyres would benefit from being their own projects. Hopefully this will help the release schedule of both pyres and resweb.


  • pip install resweb or
  • download source and run: python setup.py install

##Configuration By default resweb will try to connect to redis on localhost. However, if you'd like to connect to another server, create an environment variable called RESWEB_SETTINGS and in the file referenced, put an entry for the following settings:

RESWEB_PASSWORD = 'somepass'

If you would like to run the server on something other than, please set the following variables in the configuration file:


###Authentication Configuration If you would like to enable basic auth, enable the following settings:

AUTH_USERNAME = "someuser"
AUTH_PASSWORD = "somepassword"

Then, use the username and password to login via the authentication popup provided by the browser. Be warned, this is just a stopgap and should not be considered secure.

##Running After installing, just run the following from the command line:


Afterwards vist: http://localhost:5000