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4 tutorials/webscraping101/README
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+This directory contains scripts that demonstrate basic Python in a web-scraping context.
+1) - download and parse a single Web page
+2) - make a POST request to fetch download links for campaign finance reports
8 tutorials/webscraping101/
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#!/usr/bin/env python
-This is the first example scrape in our series.
-In this scrape, we'll demonstrate some Python basics
-using the FDIC's Failed Banks List.
+This scrape demonstrates some Python basics using the FDIC's Failed Banks List.
+It downloads a single web page and shows how to use a 3rd-party library
+to extract data from the HTML.
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The original FDIC data is located at the below URL:
11 tutorials/webscraping101/
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#!/usr/bin/env python
-The third scrape in our series demonstrates how to "fill out" an
+This scrape demonstrates how to "fill out" an
online form to fetch data from a remote server.
More accurately, we'll show how to make a POST request to
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+You can run this scrape by going to command line, navigating to the
+directory containing this script, and typing the below command:
+ python
Python Modules used in this script:
* BeautifulSoup:
* CSV:

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