Gathering code and links to projects specially developed for Pythonista for iOS.
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Pythonista Tools

Our goal is to become a one stop shop for looking for Pythonista scripts. No more scouring through GitHub Repos and Gists to find scripts, they're all here.

Request a Repo/Script

Don't see a repo/script on here? Open a new issue with the name and url of the program you'd like added and we'll be sure to get on it ASAP. Also, please be sure to add the proper labels to your issue. It helps us and in return will get it on Pythonista Tools quicker.

Questions on how to download scripts?

Pythonista Tools is currently just a collection of links to different projects made in Pythonista. Using this script you can browse and download all the current scripts in the repo.


Pythonista Tools uses the Apache License v2.0. This license applies only to the content of this repo, NOT to the content of other repos and gists that are linked to from this repo. All projects that are linked to are strictly governed by their own license terms.