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Q-Translate Server

Drupal installation profile for Q-Translate Server.

Q-Translate is an application that helps to improve the translations of the Quran, by getting review and feedback from lots of people.


Install Q-Translate Client

Access the website

  • Tell wsproxy to manage the domain of this container: ds wsproxy add

  • Tell wsproxy to get a free SSL certificate for this domain (if it is a real one): ds wsproxy ssl-cert

  • If the domain is not a real one, add to /etc/hosts the lines and and then try in browser and

Import the translations

ds exec data/ <lng>

If the argument lng is missing, then all the languages on will be imported.

Backup and restore

ds backup data
ds backup btr_dev
ds backup
ds restore <backup-file.tgz>

Other commands

ds help

ds shell
ds stop
ds start
ds snapshot

ds inject <new-drupal-admin-passwd>
ds inject <new.domain>
ds inject <gmail-user> <gmail-passwd>
ds inject <@alias> <client-key> <client-secret> <https://redirect-uri>
ds inject

ds inject dev/ test
ds inject dev/ test
ds inject dev/ 01