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#Von der Mitte zur Mitte

###The project „von der Mitte zur Mitte“ was the first part of the course [Eingabe Ausgabe] (https://fhp.incom.org/workspace/6176) by Fabian Morón Zirfas at the FH-Potsdam

At first, there was the task to create an analog algorithm. After creating the algorithm, ten people had to execute it.

###The Algorithm

Start at a center of a side of your choice draw a line to another center of a side you are not allowed to remove the pen from the paper while drawing pattern and shapes are welcome

The idea was to connect all the works afterwards, to get one line, drawed by ten different people. This is the result:


The next step, was to create an digital algorithm, which should mesmerise the analog one. Because of a lack of more than basic javascript skills, the first task was to connect a line from one center to another, while doing different movements and forms everytime. I decided to use a line which would always go from center A to center B just with some noise in the line. Some results are shown here:

result1 result2 result3 result4

But the real Beauty of the analog algorithm lied in the plurality of the results, which often showed some cool pictures. It wasn´t obtainable whit this kind of code.

The next big step was to change the code in a way, to create a real difference between the pictures.

###The next digital Algorithm

create a grid start at a center, and create a line to the middle always go to a neighbor at this grid and create a line between these two if you reach one centerpoint, create a line to the edge and stop drawing

The colors has been changed to make the apperence more interesting

result5 result6 result7 result8

you can see the algorithm in action here

###How can you use it?

An Idea to use this kind of algorithm would be a floor-projection at a art-exibiton which lead your way from one object to another. So every particiant of the exibition could get a different experience, by seeing the artwork in different order. It could look like this: