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@Q115 Q115 released this Aug 19, 2018

-permanent url is secured:
-app shortcuts for 7.1 or above
-cancel alarm if goal is completed before when alarm is supposed to go off.
-bug fix: allow creation of goals if end time is less than 15mins from now

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@Q115 Q115 released this Aug 5, 2018

-Alarm reminder for goals
-UI enhancements (Moved Feeds to 3rd tab; New goal layout changed; Profile view supports scrolling bio with list of goals; Scrollbar color changed; Goals sorted by start date)
-Updated dependencies
-Progress dialog bug fix

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@Q115 Q115 released this Sep 26, 2017

-Fixed time issue when setting a new goal.
-Added the option to make new goal public or private.
-Android Oreo's improvements and fixes.

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