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Assembly analysis features:
- #cctor members (static constructors),
- resolving of types links,
- <seealso> tags,
- HasSecurity and Serializable attributes,
- custom attributes,
- explicit interface implementation,
- inheritance hierarchy,
- detect usage of 'new' modifier,
Usability features:
- sort TOC,
- allow contents of the main header to be wrapped,
- fix header in left menu frame (it should always be on top even after vertical scrolling),
- remove dotted lines in tree view for last children,
- create front-end,
- BUG: some complicated methods with ref parameters can't be found,
- BUG: in Firefox with toggling the left menu after manually resizing the frame,
Source code refactorings:
- revise handling of errors and warnings,
- refactor methods GetXXXAttributes(),
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